Category: Ubiquitin/Proteasome System

Nat. Among them, two million were newly infected with HIV and 1.1 million died from AIDS-related ailments. Although over 30 medicines targeted at different methods of the viral existence have been authorized or are in experimental phases for treatment of HIV,3 a cure for HIV infection has not yet been found. HIV therapy suffers from […]
Sheet 2. is currently able to detect infections within the last 9-months with 80% sensitivity and 80% specificity. Further work is required to optimize protein expression and protein constructs used for antibody detection. Methods The antibody response against the top performing predictor of recent infection, reticulocyte binding protein 2b (PvRBP2b), was tested against multiple fragments […]
Only one attempt of venous draw is allowed in the protocol to minimise stress, pain and bruising for participants, especially those with hard venous access, for whom DBS will be collected. study includes two parts: (1) detection and quantification of SARS-CoV-2 in LTCF site-specific sewage samples using a molecular assay followed by notification of General […]
On the contrary for Raw264.7 cells we observed that the EC50/IC50 thresholds were very close, moreover the nuclear morphological changes observed differ from the other cell lines investigated. to the equivalent OECD-recommended assays, allowing increased output. Analysis of the acidic compartments revealed good cerrelation between size/fluorescence intensity and dose of PS-NH2 NPs applied; moreover steatosis […]