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Of the patients with SD, two patients had melanoma, two had renal cell carcinoma, two had mesothelioma and one had a uterine cancer. tumor malignancies received weekly intravenous infusions of CP-870,893 in four dose level cohorts. Security and immune pharmacodynamics were assessed. Conclusions Weekly infusions of the agonist CD40 antibody CP-870,893 were well-tolerated, but there […]
AI collected the info and wrote the statement, and was involved in drafting the manuscript. hormone-sensitive breast cancer [1]. The principal side effects are osteoporosis resulting in increased incidence of bone fractures, hypercholesterolemia with no significant increase in cardiovascular cIAP1 ligand 2 risk, and musculoskeletal events such as arthralgia and myalgia [2]. Additional adverse events […]